Tuesday, September 30, 2008

It Happened.

I knew this would happen. I predicted it when I clicked the "Publish Post" button on the very first entry. I completely neglected this thing for the majority of the summer. I feel so lazy and careless now.

I suppose I should mention that I managed to secure a job in the interim, since a good deal of the SEVEN entries of this blog deal with me being depressed over my nagging unemployment. I am now an employee of the local casino (Harrah's Chester). My job title is IT Support AV Specialist, and I'd give a greater and more comprehensive description of what it is that I actually do but there's one simple problem: I haven't been able to work yet.

There's this silly little rule in this funny sovereignty known as the USA that dictates that one cannot work for a casino in any capacity without first possessing a Gaming License. The process for acquiring one of these is only slightly less daunting than Frodo's odyssey to destroy the One Ring (fuck you, it's still a relevant reference). After what's seemed to be an interminable amount of weeks, the fucking thing finally seems to have gone through and I shall be receiving it within the week.

My self-imposed deadline of working before the first game of the Flyers' season seems like it will be made. This means I might actually get to go to some early games. Neato.

In other news, I've appropriated a "new" desktop computer for myself. It's a Dell and it comes courtesy of Widener University (where I've found myself more times than I could've predicted since graduating) for the all-too-numerical price of just $75. Soon to come will be a webcam and a digital camera. This might still become a photoblog yet!

Until we meet again, I bid thee all a fond farewell.

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