Monday, July 27, 2009

AT&T Declares War on the Internet

I haven't updated in ages, but this demands a report.

AT&T, all I can say is "smart move, ace." The tier 1 ISP has apparently blocked access to some of 4chan's most popular image boards, chiefly /b/, in some states. Encylopedia Dramatica is covering this with the most up-to-date information, along with plans of attack for /b/tards (a self-applied term for regulars on /b/).

For those not in the know, /b/ is the central most board for anon. Messing with anon in as serious a manner as this is simply asking for trouble. The group has a well documented history of making life as fucking miserable as possible for anyone who gets their attention. Find the popcorn and watch the internet, because this is going to be fun to watch.

Now for my two cents on the matter, this is actually a pretty important case in the whole spectrum of net neutrality and internet censorship. I personally think that if AT&T succeeds in all of this, then it will set a dangerous precedent for others to follow. We could be looking at the crest of that fabled slippery slope leading to corporate and government types deciding what goes onto our monitors. I don't like that Big Brother idea.

You can read about the story here and here.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Son the Father

Quick update, since I've neglected this thing: Fucked Up is the best hardcore band around. I was at their show at Kung Fu Necktie Wednesday night, and it honestly was the best show I've been to in some time. I've decided I'll be at any other show they do in the Philly area, regardless of time or job obligations.

Also Chemistry of Common Life was the best album on 2008.

Friday, November 21, 2008

'Cause Tramps Like Us, Baby We Were Born to Run

A recent thread in the Something Awful forums has gotten me to think about music, as I'm so apt to do on my own. The thread is entitled "Perfect Moments in Music," and is found in the NMD sub forum. I've yet to post in this thread, as it is on the long side and I'd rather not repeat anyone on it. Once I've slogged through I'll think of something. For now I think I'll list some of my ideas.

  • The break after the solo in Springsteen's "Born to Run" where he counts off and then passionately sings out"The highway's jammed with broken heroes on a last chance power drive." This moment never fails to get me to sing along at the very top of my lungs. The Boss is the boss.
  • The part in Lennon's "God" where a defeated sounding John sings "I used to be the Walrus, but now I'm John." It perfectly lets everyone into the kind of hurt that Lennon felt over being part of something so special (The Beatles and the Love Generation) just to see it fall apart. It's a terribly poignant moment within a terribly poignant record.
  • "The Scream" in The Who's "Won't Get Fooled Again." If you do not know what I'm talking about, then you don't listen to enough music.
  • The entirety of the song "The March of the Gay Parade" by of Montreal. It crystallizes the goofy, off-the-wall charm of "the indie Sgt. Pepper" in the most unanticipated and brilliant skits I've had the pleasure of hearing.
  • The moment in the lyrics of Death Cab for Cutie's "Tiny Vessels" where Ben shifts the perspective from the second person to the first person and transforms the entire song into a guilty confession. This is one of the moments on Transatlanticism that made me fall in love with Death Cab.
Well, there's a handsome group of moments in music history. I welcome suggestions in either the comments bit of this site, or an instant message. Whatever your heart desires.

Monday, November 3, 2008

I Swear to the Stars, I'll Burn this Whole City Down

Through my audioscrobbler page, which is linked to somewhere on this page, I learned of a fantastic event happening this coming Friday (November 7). One of my favorite bands, The Decemberists, will be playing the Electric Factory that night to what will no doubt be a sold crowd. All signs point to the show consisting of tracks from my favorite album of the band's and one of my favorites of this decade. The album of which I speak (or type for those who fancy being literal) is the latest release by Meloy & crew The Crane Wife.

There is one problem with the concert's timing, I work on both the day of the show and the day after. This will make the timing tight and force me to make some real decisions, not the least of which being the idea of coming in early to leave early on Friday or eating into my reserve of OT built up over a couple days of lengthy setup required for the All Staff Rally happening at work.

One good thing out of this show is the possibility of the tour being a harbinger of a new album from The Decemberists, who happen to be due for one. This is simply a guess based on the timing of it all, but if they are going to be recording soon then the bar is mighty high for the band to follow up their current magnum opus.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Songs to Which One Can Sip Tea on a Winter Morning and Look at Freshly Fallen Snow

This playlist was put together on a whim because I got "Blackbird" stuck in my head and wanted to put together songs like it. As it turned out, some songs I settled on have a bit more happening than just the singer and the guitar, but I think it gels pretty nicely. Without further ado, here's a new playlist:

  1. John Lennon "Imagine"
  2. New Order "Ceremony"
  3. Lou Reed "Perfect Day"
  4. U2 "With or Without You"
  5. Sufjan Stevens "Chicago"
  6. My Bloody Valentine "Blown a Wish"
  7. The Beatles "Blackbird"
  8. Spiritualised "Soul on Fire"
  9. Felt "All the People I Like Are Those that Are Dead"
  10. The Monkees "I Wanna Be Free"
  11. Pavement "Here"
  12. r.e.m. "Sweetness Follows"
  13. radiohead "Fake Plastic Trees"
  14. The Verve "The Drugs Don't Work"
  15. Belle & Sebastian "Piazza New York Catcher"
  16. Bob Dylan "Shelter From the Storm"
  17. blur "Badhead"
  18. Cat Stevens "The Wind"
  19. The Decemberists "The Engine Driver"
  20. Elliott Smith "Between the Bars"
  21. eels "Dead of Winter"
  22. Peter Murphy "Let Me Love You"
  23. Simon & Garfunkel "America"
  24. The Psychedellic Furs "Sometimes"
  25. The Replacements "Here Comes a Regular"
A bit on the long side, but I like it.

What's My Age Again?

In an effort to remember less hectic times, I've found myself listening to those lovable pop-punk scamps blink-182 a bit more than usual (which means I've actually been listening to them). I'd forgotten how catchy and melodic their songwriting was, having written them off as immature man-children after discovering different bands. While their lyrics generally are about as mature as a toddler, they're also as charming in a naive sort of way. That naivete is refreshing after an extended venture into the working week.

My life itself seems to have stagnated while moving forward. I'm in a fast-paced, career potential job that is actually enjoyable at times. I'm working towards getting a car, credit card, and other grown up toys. I've also begun paying into a 401 K program in an effort to begin preparing for my potential senior citizenship a long way down the road. With all of this going on, I feel like I'm no where near adulthood. I live with my parents still, and I have no plans on moving out of the house for at least a year. I rarely go anywhere conventional for my age (i.e. bars, clubs, et. al.), and I've not spoken to a woman outside of my circle friends and work in a long while. I just feel bored.

That and I could use some exercise.


Saturday, October 25, 2008

8 Days a Week

I have officially started work. In fact, I've been working for nearly a week solid--by tomorrow I will have been at Harrah's on seven consecutive days. I've also hit the ground running at full steam, as I've been tasked with a couple jobs with little time to steady myself out of New Hire Orientation. All in all though, I like my new job and would like to hang onto it for a while.

I've learned one major point about this position over my first few days on-the-job, I'm being paid to do a lot of walking around. Tons of it. From one end of this massive facility to the other and back again and again and again. I ache for a seat to sit in when I get to my car. The amount of time I spend on my feet in a given day is more than I have been used to for a couple years now, and while I prefer a seated job I do appreciate the exercise I'm getting here.

The folks I work with are pretty friendly people who know a hell of a lot more about computers and what not than I do, which I pretty much expected. They've been nice to me and have been eager to help me get used to the flurry of fixes required regularly to keep this place afloat. My main supervisor, Rob, is a funny guy who seems to be on a first name basis with everyone in the entire company. I'd be shocked if there is a single person here with whom he can joke.

On a Flyers related note: they've won their first game and lost their highest paid forward for a month. Yay/boo.