Monday, November 3, 2008

I Swear to the Stars, I'll Burn this Whole City Down

Through my audioscrobbler page, which is linked to somewhere on this page, I learned of a fantastic event happening this coming Friday (November 7). One of my favorite bands, The Decemberists, will be playing the Electric Factory that night to what will no doubt be a sold crowd. All signs point to the show consisting of tracks from my favorite album of the band's and one of my favorites of this decade. The album of which I speak (or type for those who fancy being literal) is the latest release by Meloy & crew The Crane Wife.

There is one problem with the concert's timing, I work on both the day of the show and the day after. This will make the timing tight and force me to make some real decisions, not the least of which being the idea of coming in early to leave early on Friday or eating into my reserve of OT built up over a couple days of lengthy setup required for the All Staff Rally happening at work.

One good thing out of this show is the possibility of the tour being a harbinger of a new album from The Decemberists, who happen to be due for one. This is simply a guess based on the timing of it all, but if they are going to be recording soon then the bar is mighty high for the band to follow up their current magnum opus.

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