Monday, October 27, 2008

Songs to Which One Can Sip Tea on a Winter Morning and Look at Freshly Fallen Snow

This playlist was put together on a whim because I got "Blackbird" stuck in my head and wanted to put together songs like it. As it turned out, some songs I settled on have a bit more happening than just the singer and the guitar, but I think it gels pretty nicely. Without further ado, here's a new playlist:

  1. John Lennon "Imagine"
  2. New Order "Ceremony"
  3. Lou Reed "Perfect Day"
  4. U2 "With or Without You"
  5. Sufjan Stevens "Chicago"
  6. My Bloody Valentine "Blown a Wish"
  7. The Beatles "Blackbird"
  8. Spiritualised "Soul on Fire"
  9. Felt "All the People I Like Are Those that Are Dead"
  10. The Monkees "I Wanna Be Free"
  11. Pavement "Here"
  12. r.e.m. "Sweetness Follows"
  13. radiohead "Fake Plastic Trees"
  14. The Verve "The Drugs Don't Work"
  15. Belle & Sebastian "Piazza New York Catcher"
  16. Bob Dylan "Shelter From the Storm"
  17. blur "Badhead"
  18. Cat Stevens "The Wind"
  19. The Decemberists "The Engine Driver"
  20. Elliott Smith "Between the Bars"
  21. eels "Dead of Winter"
  22. Peter Murphy "Let Me Love You"
  23. Simon & Garfunkel "America"
  24. The Psychedellic Furs "Sometimes"
  25. The Replacements "Here Comes a Regular"
A bit on the long side, but I like it.

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Richard Lester said...

Nice...I'll sip to these too

Skyway- 'mats
Everybody Knows This is Nowhere- N. Young
Strange- Wire
I am the Cosmos- Chris Bell
be-bop-a-lu-la- Gene Vincent
Semaphore Signals- Wreckless Eric
Day is Done- Nick Drake
Autumn Sweater- Yo La Tengo
Me and the Bean- Spoon