Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Welcome to the Working Week

After a little over a month, the PA State Gaming Control Board have finally approved my application for a gaming license. It took them such an extended amount of time because they are a pack of phenomenal idiots and honestly can't communicate with their different departments. Fuck them.

If all goes well, I should start training at work next week, and then I hit the ground running. After all this, I find myself optimistically apprehensive about starting work at Harrah's; I can't help this, I am a worrier when it comes to new things.

One thing that must happen within about the first month, if not week, of starting work is the purchase of a new car. My dad and I will not be working hours that would allow us to share one car well, so something has to give. I am loathe to start using public trans for the simple reason that there is no direct route to Harrah's Chester from my house. All public trans routes will take nearly an hour and a half, and require changes at different intervals.

I've resolved that my first car will be a Honda of some variety, as they are fuel efficient and cheap (two of my three main criteria for buying a car, the other being a CD player). The two different cars I'm going between are as follows: the Civic and the Fit. The victor will be the cheapest one I find.


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