Monday, October 27, 2008

What's My Age Again?

In an effort to remember less hectic times, I've found myself listening to those lovable pop-punk scamps blink-182 a bit more than usual (which means I've actually been listening to them). I'd forgotten how catchy and melodic their songwriting was, having written them off as immature man-children after discovering different bands. While their lyrics generally are about as mature as a toddler, they're also as charming in a naive sort of way. That naivete is refreshing after an extended venture into the working week.

My life itself seems to have stagnated while moving forward. I'm in a fast-paced, career potential job that is actually enjoyable at times. I'm working towards getting a car, credit card, and other grown up toys. I've also begun paying into a 401 K program in an effort to begin preparing for my potential senior citizenship a long way down the road. With all of this going on, I feel like I'm no where near adulthood. I live with my parents still, and I have no plans on moving out of the house for at least a year. I rarely go anywhere conventional for my age (i.e. bars, clubs, et. al.), and I've not spoken to a woman outside of my circle friends and work in a long while. I just feel bored.

That and I could use some exercise.


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Scott said...

So what's stopping you from doing those things then?