Saturday, October 25, 2008

8 Days a Week

I have officially started work. In fact, I've been working for nearly a week solid--by tomorrow I will have been at Harrah's on seven consecutive days. I've also hit the ground running at full steam, as I've been tasked with a couple jobs with little time to steady myself out of New Hire Orientation. All in all though, I like my new job and would like to hang onto it for a while.

I've learned one major point about this position over my first few days on-the-job, I'm being paid to do a lot of walking around. Tons of it. From one end of this massive facility to the other and back again and again and again. I ache for a seat to sit in when I get to my car. The amount of time I spend on my feet in a given day is more than I have been used to for a couple years now, and while I prefer a seated job I do appreciate the exercise I'm getting here.

The folks I work with are pretty friendly people who know a hell of a lot more about computers and what not than I do, which I pretty much expected. They've been nice to me and have been eager to help me get used to the flurry of fixes required regularly to keep this place afloat. My main supervisor, Rob, is a funny guy who seems to be on a first name basis with everyone in the entire company. I'd be shocked if there is a single person here with whom he can joke.

On a Flyers related note: they've won their first game and lost their highest paid forward for a month. Yay/boo.

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