Monday, June 23, 2008

Sell Out With Me Tonight

I woke up this morning early (for me), and hopped right into the shower. After a thorough scrubbing, I shaved as best I could and began to put on my best suit. Put on deodorant, aftershave, and pulled a comb through my hair.

All this preparation into my appearance is owed entirely to my pursuit of a job. That wonderful, ethereal achievement that comes some time after graduation from college. Today was the day of my interview with J. G. Wentworth, a big firm that I found through a noted job search website. The position was described in completely nondescript terms; it's an entry-level Marketing Representative position.

When I arrived on the scene in Brynn Mawr, I came to the conclusion that the position could be either one of two jobs: a sales position that will require me to make calls to clients and such, or a creative position requiring me to come up with different bits of copy. After the rather brief but promising interview, I've found out that the position is more the former, so whoopee...

Thus ends a rather bland and banal entry of my lovely blog.

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